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The Dangers of Blue Light and What You Can Do

Have a smartphone? Most of us do. Electronics are just about in every corner of every building because of how much they assist us in our daily lives, making communication instantaneous. Still, most of us also don't notice the negative effects of using a phone, computer, or tablet because of the blue light. Also known as high energy visible light, blue light is emitted by many devices and threatens your eye health that few have faced in the past.

On average, one would spend over 20 hours a week staring at a screen either writing an essay, reading a blog, watching a show, and during that time,  your eyes are receiving a constant feed of blue light. To put it simply, a person will spend an entire day, without sleeping, in front  of an electronic device, and this excessive amount of damage affects the visual system over time. Commonly, one would feel headaches, eyestrain, or fatigue when on a device, but recent studies have connected blue light to macular degeneration, which is a serious eye condition that may lead to blindness. Those with a history of macular degeneration are at special risk, as well as children, due to large pupils and shorter arms, which cause them to hold electronic devices closer to their faces, both of which allow more blue light to penetrate the eye.

However, as we are in the age of technological solutions, blue light can be blocked when wearing BluTech lenses, which rely on specially designed filters to block blue light, which ultimately enhances comfort and reduces eyestrain and fatigue. These lenses boast a special state-of-the-art filtering agent within the lens material itself that duplicates elements in the eye, called ocular lens pigment and melanin, which the body naturally produces on its own, and which help filter out just the right amount of blue light entering the eye to protect against unfettered blue light penetration, while allowing proper visual contrast.

Recharge, another technology designed to reduce blue light, produced by HOYA to reflect up to 30% of blue light. Between the filtering effect of BluTech and the reflective properties of the Recharge coating, a large percentage of otherwise very harmful blue light never reaches the eye. This is an extremely important element in the long term health of your eyes.

 Patients who spend hours on electronic devices are at increased risk of eyestrain and glare, macular degeneration or problems falling asleep at night. For more information about blue light and how to protect yourself, contact your eye doctor today.