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Sunglasses In The Hot Texas Sun

Finding just the right pair of sunglasses to go with your look can often be the final touch that makes your outfit absolutely perfect. But beyond this, high quality sunglasses offer essential protection against the sun during those unforgivingly hot Texas summers.


Just about everyone has heard of Ultraviolet (UV) radiation and how it can cause a painful sunburn on your skin if you don’t put on the proper protection. Unfortunately, most people are not aware that UV radiation can do serious damage to your eyes as well. “Too much UV radiation can give your eyes a kind of 'sunburn of the eye,' called photokeratitis,” explains Dr. Jennifer Martino of Martino Eye Care in San Antonio, TX, “and, in the bigger picture, large amounts of UV radiation exposure over the course of a person’s entire lifetime considerably increases the chances of developing serious problems with one’s eyes later in life. Among these conditions are age related macular degeneration and cataracts. Here in Texas, when long summer days mean increased sun exposure, wearing good sunglasses can significantly reduce the amount of UV rays entering your eyes, reducing the chances of photokeratitis and long term damage. Wearing sunglasses also helps to reduce wrinkles since they protect the sensitive skin around the eyes from receiving too much direct UV radiation.”


Good sunglasses also significantly reduce glare from reflective and semi-reflective surfaces. Road surfaces and car windshields are reflective surfaces that a person may encounter every day and which reflect a great deal of light. Your summer trip to The Gulf is also likely to expose you to intense reflection from the water as you enjoy your day at the beach. Intense exposure to bright reflections and constant glare can do serious long term damage to your sight. More dangerous in the short term, during activities like driving or biking, bright glare can momentarily blind you, leading to potentially life threatening situations for you and those around you.


It is generally important to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes any time you step outside, but there are some times when this is particularly true: In summer, when UV radiation is at least 3 times higher than it is in the winter, at the beach, where reflection from the water can be quite intense, and if you've just had any kind of surgery or are taking medicine that makes your eyes extra sensitive to light.


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