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Eye Allergies: What They Are and How To Treat Them

Allergic Conjunctivitis

Allergies are your body's immune system reacting to allergens, whether from pet dander or pollen in the air during spring. Although an immune system reacts to allergens with a negative reaction, most symptoms like senezing or tearing are harmless to the body. Allergic reactions are due to a release of histamine, the chemical in your body that produces tears and indirectly dries them out in order to flush out foreign objects. Because of allergens and your immune system's reaction, your blood vesses can become inflamed to create a bloodshot eye look.



As always, symptoms vary from redness, irritation, or itchy eyes. Ones eyes can feel sensitive to light or that your eyelids are swollen. In more severe cases, you may even notice a painful, sore or burning feeling in your eyes or suffer from excessive tearing or a runny nose. More common is the everyday sneeze or stuffy / runny nose.



There are quite a few - recently mowed grass, tree pollen, pets, & dust particles are among the best known allergens. Allergic reactions can come from face creams, perfumes, makeup, and even contact lenses, so make sure you keep them clean and with a fresh pair. Also not well know is that, while it is very common for allergic symptoms to come out immediately upon contact with the allergen, it is also possible for an allergic reaction to present itself as much as four days after original contact with an allergen.



Although allergies usually stop when the allergens go away, reactions to pollen and dust are a lot more difficult to avoid since they are just about everywhere. For these and long-lasting allergies, an eye doctor can prescribe eye drops for allergies to provide real relief that over the counter medication might not. Prescribed eye drops tend to minimize the effects of the allergens in your environment as they are formulated using anti-histamines - meaning that they prevent histamine from the body. There are also a number of other ways that these eye drops will work to relieve or prevent allergic symptoms. Artificial tears are also an excellent option to relieve dry eye symptoms because they imitate natural tears to counter the dryness that normal drops can't.


Last tip! Never rub your eyes while experiencing an allergic reaction. No matter how much they itch, rubbing will irritating your eyes further and make things worse.


For more information, and for help clearing up your eye allergies, contact your eye doctor today.